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Manufacturer of Furnaces and Ovens in India...

About Us
MTF was instigated in 1985 and since then it has established itself as one of the pioneers in the field of Manufacturing Industrial Furnaces, Ovens and Construction Machines in India

Our Potential
MTF enjoys richness in production experiences and precision control processing equipment. We are well armoured with technological power and have established a long term co-operation relationship with many Industrial Institutes. The application of advanced technologies has consistently upgraded our products. It is due to our quality and proven performances of our machineries; acknowledged prompt and best after sales services that have helped us reach the pinnacle. We specialize in manufacturing Oil, Gas and Electric Furnaces & Ovens; Infra-red Electric Glass Kilns and Construction Machineries.

Our Strategy
MTF products are carefully engineered, polished and tested to meet today's exacting industrial requirements. MTF emphasizes always on proper and cost-effective product design and raw material selection, as we firmly believe that the Product is only as good as the components and materials which goes into its making.

Product Range
We are the manufacturer of Furnaces and Ovens in India. In construction machines, we are the manufacturer of Pan Mixers in India. Here is a list of our products:
  • Industrial Furnace
  • Industrial Oven
  • Construction Machines
  • Fabrication.
MTF's keys to success includes
  • A high level of quality in its product line
  • Maintaining and growing its referral networks to generate new and repeat sales
  • Significant investments in research and development and engineering with the aim to focus on precisely controlled equipment
  • Improving efficiencies of operations.
Why MTF?
  • Manpower
  • Technology
  • Facilities (Infrastructure).

MTF focuses on product engineering and manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality, a high level of product features, and the most efficient manufacturing process possible.

Customers who purchase such equipment require reliability, rapid servicing/availability of parts, and versatility for a variety of anticipated and unanticipated uses. Customers are influenced by reputation and cost, since equipment purchases can be the most significant portion of the customer's long-term assets.

We, therefore, assure excellent quality products at reasonable price in a pragmatic delivery period & high quality service.

We provide customized products for our every single customer to create value for our customer’s customer.

On Time Delivery
Timely delivery schedules is an integral part of our system. We strive to deliver our consignments within the stipulated time period at the desired destination. We never have extended our L/C period.

Quality and Services
Repeated Orders certifies about our Quality and Services.

We have earned the confidence and trust of a large number of our esteemed customers in India and across the world.

By Industry:- To name a few…


Melting & Holding Furnace, Solution treatment, Precipitation Hardening, Ageing Furnace, Annealing Furnace and Heat Treatment Furnaces

Non Ferrous

Melting Furnace, Slab/Bar Heating, Bell/Pot Annealing Furnace

Steel Wire Industry

In line Patenting Furnace, Galvanizing Furnace, Strand Wire Annealing, Wire Coil Bell/Pot Annealing Furnace, Wire Coil Dryer/Baker


Tray Dryer, Rotary Dryer, Roasting, Calcinations & Smelting Furnaces; Also, Electric Assay Furnace, Electric Cupellation Furnace, Electric Chlorination Furnace, Muffle Furnace

Electrical Motor & Transformer

Drying and Baking Oven for Stators, Rotors, Transformers & Shrink Fitting for Rotors

Automobile Industry

Carburizing, Nitrating, Hardening, Tempering & other similar heat treatment

Ceramic Industry

Ceramic Kiln

Glass Industry

Glass Tempering, Annealing, Slumping, Bending, Fusion and Glass Chatons

Map Quest
Office: 2 kms away from International Airport in Mumbai, opposite Hotel Kohinoor.
Works: 10 kms away from Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust – JNPT, Near Rabale Circle.