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Company Profile
Business Type Exporter , Manufacturer , Supplier
Year of Establishment 1985
OEM Service Provided Yes
Product Range

We are the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the following range of products:

Industrial Oven: MTF has supplied a large number of Ovens having power rating ranging from 5 KW to 200 KW, with accurate temperature control having a tolerance of ± 1ºC. MTF Oven air circulation design is indigenous & air circulation is uniform inside the chamber.

  • Horizontal/Vertical Forced Air Circulation Oven
  • Tray Type Oven
  • Trolley Type Oven
  • Conveyor Oven
  • Ageing Oven
  • Drying & Baking Oven
  • Preheating, Curing & Bonding Oven
  • Infra-Red Heating Drying & Baking Oven

Industrial Furnace: MTF manufactures all types of Oil, Gas & Electric Furnaces up to 1400 ºC, having power rating ranging from 5 KW to 200 KW and having precise temperature control through PID controller and thyristor. MTF Melting & Holding Furnace design is ingenious. Silicon carbide furnace is designed with thyristorised heater control for precise and smooth temperature control and giving longer life to the heater rod & with/without low voltage variable for ageing compensation of heater rods. 

MTF makes Oil & Gas Fired Furnaces that are used for different heat treatment and forging applications. We include automatic temperature control and fuel/air ratio control to save fuel and increase efficiency. 

Repeated Export orders of our Annealing & Galvanizing Furnace and Glass Kiln has drawn us in the export market and kept our organization engaged in export all the time.


  • Box/Chamber/Muffle Type Furnace
  • Bogie Hearth Furnace
  • Reverbatory Aluminum Melting & Holding Furnace
  • Pusher/Batch Type Forging Furnace
  • Crucible Melting & Holding Furnace
  • Solution Treatment Furnace
  • LPG dryer and baker for wire coils
  • Hot Air Generator Furnace
  • Salt Bath Furnace
  • High temp. Silicon Carbide Furnace

  • Forging Furnace
  • Bell Annealing Furnace
  • Pot Annealing Furnace
  • Continuous Strand Wire Annealing Furnace
  • Continuous Conveyor Furnace
  • Galvanizing Bath Furnace
  • Oil Fired Billet Heating Furnace with sloping hearth
  • Ceramic Kiln
  • Infra-Red Electric Glass Kiln
  • Glass Annealing Lehr

Construction Machineries: MTF Construction Machineries are robust in design with heavy construction & high performance. We have been manufacturing for Millars Construction Machinery, India for many years and since 1995 have started our own marketing.

  • Concrete Mixer with/without Bucket Loader
  • Pedal Pan Mixer for Refractory Castable (RC)
  • Portable Mixer for Mortar & RC
  • Builder’s Winch/Tower Hoist
  • Slab Trolley with Tilting Bucket
  • Guniting/Shot Crete Machine


We also manufacture Industrial Chimney, Oil Storage Tank, and other Special Purpose Machines. We have supplied many chimneys and oil storage tanks to M/s. Powerica Ltd., Mumbai.

  • Self Supporting Chimney
  • Fuel Storage Tank
  • Special Purpose Machine.